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CORONA Variant "Omicron"

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the Ambassadors

Of All Countries



To the Royal Danish Ambassadors

And Ambassadors


Germany, Luebeck, 26 November 2021


New Variant from South Africa with very high Risk of Infection!

The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Sirs and Dear Readers,

It was only a matter of time that the virus we know would show a new mutation and now it has happened!

Despite all that my person could read, this mutation is still "bearable" in the sense of what my person has guessed and hopefully this guess will never be confirmed!

The die is cast and now the truth has to be taken into account by a common worldwide course and direction under the leadership of the called-up Authorities.

Otherwise you and all the other countries of the earth are a people forsaken by God, who did not want to listen to the commandments of the Lord and many have put themselves in places where obviously no one belongs so easily!

You have received commands, messages, suggestions, explanations and justifications which are always connected with a call for justice and order and a clear direction for the end of time has been described and given.

Also the predestination of some persons for the fundamental command under the sun has been submitted to you several times and in part persons have been named!

Millions of contemporary witnesses who have not borne true witness in the matter are already deceased and to be found in the hereafter and so the matter and the order will continue but also increase, if you and your kind do not bear witness in the matter and do not want to become capable of acting as already commanded!

Of course, priority is always given to life in the hereafter, but waiting and hoping for things to come is not enough, if you are not prepared to set the course for the arrival of the end in order to be able to take care of a possible new beginning!

How this course looks like, my person has submitted to you several times also in writing, but you preferred to hide behind my person, which is understandable, but sometime everyone has to bear his own bill or reckoning and this reckoning by the Last Judgement, that comes to every human being at the end of time!

So my person would like to and must admonish especially the so-called powerful and rulers of the world to come to their senses very quickly and to classify themselves correctly, in that a superior rule will indicate the common gait and direction, because these persons superior to you and to every other person and will also be known beyond the horizon!

Again, in a nutshell, first things first:

China with a 30% share of the causal greenhouse gases like CO2 will have to supply the entire world population by means of the Silk Road, in that the Chinese and Japanese populations will continue to invest in high-tech (especially satellites) and in return each of these households will receive twice the household money as the rest of the world population.

However, the coal mines must also be cut back very much in China, because my person has a hunch that global warming also comes from within the earth and on the basis of reactions of the earth, which can also be shown by the animal world (migration of elephants due to a good memory of the earth's temperature ?), one should act in time and not wait until serious catastrophes can occur.

The food industry and medical care must of course be promoted and kept running in each individual country, but the Third World must be supplied fairly and with decency, as long as there is no fault of these countries themselves, which also applies to every other state that may be in need!

A worldwide lockdown has long been but is now acutely unavoidable because hardly any state will be able to cope with this pandemic caused by a mutating virus, with the exception of China and possibly Japan.

Similarly, compulsory vaccination of all already infertile people worldwide has become inevitable to achieve herd immunity and to combat at least the Delta variant in order to contain and defeat the next variants through an extended worldwide lockdown.

There is already a letter for this lockdown, but now it is added that every person who lives on God's earth and has at least one abortion to answer for has no business living in a villa or in his or her own home, and an exchange of the houses or villas for a possible flat block of a family with many children must take place.

It cannot be right that one or the other has set up an easy and comfortable life for himself or herself by having an abortion and others have brought children into the world, but will now be close to a nervous breakdown due to the ordered worldwide lockdown by having to move a joint family into a small space for a longer period of time!

A smooth exchange of flats of the joint families into a suitable house is hereby ordered and, in case of disregard, will have to be punished by the involuntary eviction of the mansion dwellers or house dwellers by being thrown out into homelessness!

Of course, it is always presumed in any joint family that there is knowingly no performed abortion by any of the parents, otherwise heavy penalties for common fraud will have to be expected. An alternative solution will have to be sought and found in advance for such cases because of the children concerned.

In states where abortion has been enforced by state power in order to cope with overpopulation, which is not a permissible solution, as abortion is not a human right, this regulation only applies from the handover of command to the predetermined rule of King Juergen, which must take place immediately!

Also those responsible who cold-blooded have let people freeze to death or drown will please pay a part of their bills very quickly and unbureaucratically by initiating the handover of power cleanly and properly and with decency.

Should my person also have to wait a week from now for the handing over of power, for example, for her requested villa in Hamburg or for the vacated flats in the apartment building occupied by my person, then many people will have to find themselves here on the building site of the new planned housing estate and will learn to dismantle every single stone with their own hands, i. e. with hammer and chisel, and to get the steel girders out of the ground again, but not to forget to uncover the connection to the CANALISATION AGAIN!

Also at high costs of my person, who by this partly strong additional noise nuisance indirectly gave free rein to some tenants from the neighbourhood of my person and thereby animated them to highly health endangering actions, too the construction is already far advanced but at their own expense and with their own strength these responsible persons and so some others will take down the whole construction again.

By using electricity or other fuels, they have wanted to enrich themselves at my expense but solely with their own hands' work, they and so some others will see to it that the entire structure is dismantled as quietly as possible, so that you and all others will learn to appreciate a job well done under your own steam!

In addition, the toilet bowls in the whole of the city of Luebeck and the surrounding area will be dismantled immediately down to the sewage pipe, with the exception of the public toilets and a few other exceptions, because last but not least, my person also owes this measure to many a deceased person especially from my family!

Also for these plumbing works many responsible persons, who were able to hide quite cheaply behind their desks despite the fact that the situation has become public, will still learn to work!

Should any attempt be made to construct or rebuild the toilet bowl without permission from a royally administered authority, the sewage pipe will be cemented immediately and closed for good!

At least one bucket or chamber pot and a watering can would be highly recommended for every household's next purchases, as well at least one bicycle!

Driving a car will also have to be banned for the time being in Luebeck and the surrounding area (alternately) as already stipulated, whereby Prince Martin will receive this written and public call for the last time and the former Minister of Defence Mrs. A. K.-K. and the German Armed Forces will also be publicly informed and called upon in this regard for the last time herewith in writing! !

Please speak directly to the Mayor of Hamburg Mr. P. T.  in the matter, as the city of Hamburg is known to be the gateway to the world, by fulfilling the demands of my person, who INKOGNITO should continue her work in the matter in Hamburg as desired and thus a speedy progress in the matter is guaranteed.

The TV will please continue to entertain the very sick people without the news in the Monumental Matter, but the daily newspapers should parallel well inform the worldwide population about the true situation and offer the users of an Internet connection the possibility to inform themselves in the matter and commission of all our Creation through the various homepages of my person to be able to make themselves knowledgeable!

Broadcasting should also report on the matter and the commission, although not all broadcasters are suitable, and this must be clarified through agreements among themselves.

All the people in the public have more or less good acting skills or have learnt acting through TV and will please continue to do so, especially many of the politicians will have to be declared incapable of acting without any powers in implementing laws but are officially allowed to form a government incapable of acting.

You and others will please implement what has been determined by the valuable homepages of my person, whereby of course improvements or also important changes in the matter remain possible in the implementation, in that, however, every person must be properly classified and everyone must take his or her  place, which is important for others and especially for the children and for the youth!

No state alone will be able to cope with this and certainly not with the next pandemics of a mutation of the virus. In addition, the earth is already very old and has long been showing alarming signs through exploitation that can no longer be ignored!

Thus, through these signs of a coming end, many signs of a new beginning are also recognisably present, involving the living and the dead, which must take place for quite natural reasons!

For this reason, too, the power supply and the heating supply by coal, gas and oil will have to be switched to "low flame", as the nuclear power plants are risk factors in the case of a fall coming from above.

For these reasons, the reactors worldwide must be slowly bring down and shut down in time.

Solar technology will then come into its own when the horizon will open up* and in the end the ugly wind turbines will remain, with which mainly the worldwide connections to the satellites must be maintained!

But also the water from the tap and the drinking water must no longer be thoughtlessly wasted, because drinking water should be available as a high good for all people, because drinking water is a vital basis, which of course also applies to the oxygen content in the atmosphere and especially China should immediately initiate an energy turnaround, if necessary with the help of other states!

There are special people everywhere in the world and in every country. Sweden, for example, has shown that it has originated a special girl as a climate protection activist.

Denmark will show that it has originated the staff for world leadership, which unfortunately my person still has to "educate" properly for such a task as already ordered in writing.

Germany, of course, had to hit the "bull's eye", especially as far as my person is concerned, because my person will literally put you and all the others on the pot and, if necessary, have every naughty or disobedient person spanked, but if nothing else, one or the other will certainly be thrown out of the house to do his or her service in the hereafter!

A worldwide lockdown and shutdown of nuclear power plants will have to take place sooner or later in any case and if not voluntarily, then the forces of nature will clearly show us all what's what!

With kind Regards

Ursula Sabisch


*The announced complete business plan follows after receipt of the complete pocket money to my person by a personal handing over.