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Worldwide Lockdown

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the FRG



To the 

Royal Danish Ambassadors


Germany, Luebeck, 5 November 2021.

Worldwide Lockdown and Package of Measures!

The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Health Minister Mr. Spahn, Ladies and Gentlemen of the FRG,

Regrettably, my person must once again call upon you and your ilk to perceive that you are not decision-makers, but will serve the "Oscar", which means that you may continue your activities as actors, but have no authority whatsoever to make universally valid decisions.

Instead of "upgrading as quickly as possible" against the Delta variant virus, you have actually had the vaccination centres dismantled, as one was informed by the TV talk shows.

How can such a thing be possible when you also knew exactly that booster vaccinations would have to follow by the millions!

What is actually going on in your and other people's minds? The holiday on La Palma de Mallorca has already been cancelled!

What is also not being mentioned publicly at all by the virology experts is that we will all still be very lucky so far, because the virus is so far almost only supplied by the DELTA variant and no far more dangerous variant has yet been added!

Of course, the virus could also become far less dangerous than it already is, but in the subjunctive you can't create laws that are legally valid, especially since the animal has also closely associated itself with humans and this and other viruses can also mutate as a result !

The fact that it is a virus that can change and will almost certainly change somewhere in the world should have been noticed by all of you long ago, and thus the speed of the need for action should be put in a reasonable relation to the speed of the spread of the pathogens.

It should really be taken into account that, if possible, children and adolescents as well as all fertile people should be "spared" as long as it is not possible to be sure, that this vaccination will not cause any damage in the immune system and thus in the DNA, but in return, the compulsory vaccination for all others simply cannot be averted, as it can be a fatal disease for many people!

Thus, as an adult older person, one is obliged to establish herd immunity in order to protect one's descendants or the coming generations, which must equally come to fruition through the worldwide lockdown, in which the virus will abolish itself and at the same time the earth and the environment can breathe again!

The worldwide lockdown and all associated known measures must be initiated as quickly as possible, so that the virus cannot keep itself alive and spread through any further mutations!

What you and others are organising are poker games that can mean a cruel death for many people!

Now, however, the speed of the time available must finally be taken seriously to very seriously and that in every respect also with regard to the increasing environmental pollution and the exploitation of the earth because* of the costs of the pandemic and high debts already incurred!

We are all getting nowhere with "fried sausages" and so the persons called upon as the predetermined decision-makers must finally fulfil their obligation by finally handing over the business of government cleanly to the Royal Danish Ambassadors under the leadership of King Juergen! 

The worldwide accumulated problems cannot be solved by individual states and will increase worldwide at a rapid rate! If humanity does not want to abolish itself, and to do so in a rather cruel way, then that`s it!*

Ursula Sabisch


There will be a lot of whining, but then you and your ilk, don't come and say that you couldn't have known that and much more, especially not say my person! You have played high poker, but now the helm must be handed over to the above-mentioned "captain and his crew", because even the time of the "triple" Authorities is already very short!

10 July 2024*