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Hunger and  Death in 2021!

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Subject: Famine in the matter - Please use as CC !
Date: Fri, Fri, 27 Dec 2019 20:06:11 +0100
By: Ursula Sabisch>

Dear Mr C. O. , Ladies and Gentlemen, My Dear Kindergarten,

My person advises you and your peers, to adhere very quickly and unbureaucratically to the two large, so-called Christian churches and to demand the necessary money on the spot and unequivocally!
Read yourselves all "healthy" by working through my person's various homepages and follow these guidelines of my person, just as everyone else in the world has to adhere to these guidelines.

The greatest famine of all time, which will come to humanity, could have been long ago in order, especially for Yemen, but with sick or mentally disturbed people in masses, whose are in positions, whereby life and death decisions can be made over and over again, the procedure has already become a highly criminal matter for the individual decision-maker!This should be clearly recognizable or conscious to any person, who has more than enough resources, or who acts as a decision-maker of an institution or, e. g. as a policy-maker of a capitalist state!

Of course, the Christian bearers of the churches come at first as the role models in this urgent edition and instructions!

Uninformed decision-makers in the matter will also be held accountable according to the situation; this you can and you really should take from me!

                                       Ursula Sabisch

HP: For the stupidest of the stupid ones, which unfortunately will be there always and everywhere, this mail comes immediately into one of my homepages!