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Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the WHO

CO/ King Juergen and the Danish Ambassadors

CO/ All Ambassadors


Luebeck, 22 October 2021

Free English translation on 22 October 2021.

Order of your Empress/ Limit

The German-language document you may find here!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Sirs,

In the last few days, my person has regrettably once again been endangered to the utmost in life and limb by the residential behaviour of others, even if the execution of such a well-packaged offence should have been negligent.

It is not even the sick perpetrator or the sick perpetrators who are important, but those who negligently accepted serious bodily injury or killing of my person and who will even have approved of the residential behaviour as well as the additional noise pollution of the constrution area!

For this reason, my person holds the worldwide leadership responsible for the endangerment of my person at least in the domestic area, whereby a good end for all is no longer foreseeable.

Those responsible have knowingly allowed the end of time to be played with, which is quite obviously coupled with my person, and have allowed things to run free on good luck.

For this reason, those responsible will now immediately leave their domiciles and move into equivalent blocks of flats in which my person was and is resident, which will now primarily apply to the families of the Danish ambassadors of the called world leadership.

King Juergen will be the sole exception in this respect, for he himself would be at the highest risk should such incidents be repeated, at least in the domestic sphere, and even end fatally!

My person gives you until Monday, 25 October, to fulfil the housing conditions to the already in writing substantiated servitudes of my person.

Should you and your kind not be willing to fulfil the conditions immediately, then my person is no longer prepared for the implementation of the older persons, which means to bring about a fundamental change on earth from the age of 50, but to use these persons exclusively as placeholders for the children, for the youth and for coming generations, as there will then be no other alternative for these people.

You and your kind have not fulfilled your duty of disclosure towards my person, because you and all the others will obviously no longer be capable of making decisions in a good sense, which is very regrettable.

Also for this reason, my person will have to dictate to you and others how to deal with a virus e. g. that will not cease to exist by continuing to mutate with other substances.

Basically, the Chinese has demonstrated to all of us how to cope with such a situation, but you and your kind are simply no longer capable of learning!

But there is one thing that the Chinese did not consider either; it is the many sick chemists or lab technicians in the laboratories who need attention and publicity, in that they will then bring the next virus into the world, which of course can also happen through negligence. 

One could recognise or conclude from the good preparations of the public appearances of such a responsible person that when one has nothing much to lose and needs a turnaround in his life, chemical weapons respectively bacteria or viruses are used in order to be able to make himself publicly important!

It goes on in the text and in the reality that you and your kind simply want to suppress.

For even in the slams and on the streets, there where people and animals have to "hole up", infectious diseases often occur, which is particularly disastrous when it is a matter of viruses and mutations in a fast-moving and locally changeable time of the individual or can spread and develop very quickly as pandemics through the connections of the world economic system.

How can one be so stupid, so naïve and not a bit forward thinking as you all and your ilk and in every way? !

How can one be??

I don't really want to be as stupid as you and your ilk, even though it has allowed you to live an easy life for a long time!

You and your kind will certainly not be able to cope with this pandemic and with the next pandemics.

The pandemics will quite obviously "finish off" humanity, in that everyone will be incapable of acting, since chaos will not be long in coming, but then also to have your life endangered with the person who at least brings you and your kind close to reality in order to bring about a change in contemporary history, that is probably due to your status, which is probably almost exclusively tied to the devil!

In spite of everything, my person now exactly writes you as the complete idiots of the end times and if you and your kind are now of the opinion that a true Empress would not use such expressions, then my person wonders how you want to know that, since there can never have been a true Empress in the world!

And this Empress will have to show YOU and your kind worldwide how to deal with such a pandemic and how to prevent or limit the next one, which has basically already been partly demonstrated by China!

First and foremost, you and your kind are obliged to the future and the coming generations, supported by Creation, and you and others are not primarily obliged to democracy, which you and many others have not been able to deal with sensibly!

Please make this very clear to yourselves, you great creatures, and finally act on order of Creation and in the sense of future generations, which my person presented to you in writing under the worst possible conditions in the adapted formulation of the difficult situation, or even exemplified this situation in front of contemporary witnesses!

You all had the chance to get the pandemic under control, but you and your kind simply did not manage to do so because you misplaced the priorities, which can be quite disastrous, if you then also cannot even protect the right persons at least in the domestic sphere, as also ordered in writing, you complete idiots!


You will officially introduce home office for almost every household worldwide!

You will have to ask the population not to leave the domestic area for no reason, as it was done in China, until the pandemic has abolished itself!! !

Buses, trains, taxis, aeroplanes and public facilities such as lifts, for example, must be disinfected on a large scale before use, as has been done in China!

Mandatory masks are a prerequisite for any kind of encounters in public and especially in necessary workplaces.

The entire food industry, including retail, will need to keep you all going to ensure a basic supply for the world's population, including Africa and all of Asia.

Food purchases will have to be secured against hoarding and will have to be delivered outside in the market places or car parks only! (Gas heating for sales staff.)

Food deliveries or other essential goods or medicines will also be allowed to be received outside at the front door or from delivery trucks.

Small wooden dwellings or the usual containers for the street people and for the homeless will have to be built or erected all over the world.

Use the allotments for special street people.

All laboratories worldwide will have to be checked and secured against misuse of chemicals, chemical weapons, bacteria or even viruses and reduced to a manageable number of laboratories, unfortunately the staff will also have to withstand any scrutiny!

The tool for these executions and supervisions of the whole edition is the executive force by the armies of the respective states, possibly in exchange of the countries, whereby basically and exclusively shotguns will be the means of pressure of the time.

The use of a motor vehicle is also now only permitted by special powers, which must be administered by the Authorities. Otherwise, if the order is disobeyed, the tyres of the motor vehicles must be destroyed or shot into with buckshot so that the vehicle is unroadworthy.

Cycling is again the order of the day, although it is not permitted to ride a bicycle without a mouth guard!

The children will have to use the playgrounds and public facilities, which will take place exclusively outside in the fresh air, whereby the childcare staff of the day-care centre children and kindergarten children will have to join the ranks in this respect and the working mothers and housewives will have their responsibility as escorts on a rotating basis!

At this important point, too, everyone should realise that one does not leave a small child in the care of others, but that as a parent, one is and remains primarily responsible for the upbringing, the development and the well-being of the child!

Only the grandparents are allowed to take over this supervisory duty for a while, as they also remain secondarily responsible for the healthy development and social behaviour of the child.

Families with large numbers of children who have to "squat" in a cramped flat will immediately be given an appropriately suitable flat or house in exchange for the wealthy "would-be", in that the implementation of pandemic control can remain possible for every family!

School children and adolescents will also not be allowed to leave the domestic sphere for no reason, as the school goal will also be very much questioned for many, because what good is a doctorate or professorial title or a managerial position, if one does not even know why one is alive and how to leave the world when one has lived!

The scholastic goal will have to be clearly subordinated to the goal of an enabled future and applies equally worldwide.

Thus, this generation has not been cheated in this respect, as it will be the duty of the adults to take care of a possible future for their descendants, which every young person and every school child should also strive for as a priority, in order to stay healthy and live freely in a possible future!

It must also be made clear that nowadays almost anyone can basically take the A level and that the value of such an achievement bears no relation to the usable cultural way of life and security for coming generations of a future, but that, on the contrary, an occupation or leadership position, especially for graduates, brings and causes more harm than good.

An artificial and inflamed society by highly educated annoyed people, who are now already in masses as small children left to their own for hours without a mother and who later already do not want to or cannot limit themselves at all, is the result of a FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY that you and others cannot oversee at all!

There are forests, there are toboggan runs, ice rinks, miniature golf courses, playgrounds, bicycle tours, roller skating rinks, skateboard parks, recreation and leisure parks and much more in the open air to help the children and the mothers through the pandemic, up to and including a salary as a housewife and mother!

Old people also have a special responsibility towards the following generations, in that many of them will have to take on something that no one could have expected.

Especially those who will be "stuck" in an old people's home should take the initiative and get to grips with the Internet. At the same time, contacts can be kept with their children or grandchildren via the Internet or WhatsApp, as time will no longer be long for the elderly. Appointments can of course only be made in this way with a mask, if possible outside or on the balcony.

Restaurant visits are also possible outside, as are cultural trips, especially for young people, which must remain coupled with certain conditions and precautionary measures, as already stipulated in the homepages of my person.

Suggestions for improvement and necessary additions to the conditions are of course always and everywhere welcome.

Should some people feel called to defend democracy, then please finally defend the fundamental right to a future for the following generations and the fundamental right to the truth for all people equally, in which reality has been clearly recognisable for a very long time!

This is done by the duty to inform of everyone with the exception of the television and this is then done by the executive force for the time being by the Bundeswehr or the armies of all countries, as already ordered, by acting and working carefully and thoughtfully with shotguns!

It would have been best and most just if the Cudgel of my person would be operational, but this will be subject to two indispensable conditions!

Last admonition for many elderly people worldwide until Monday, 25 October 2021!

Ursula Sabisch,


Should the pandemic be defeated, then many of you will be put on the pot in the true sense of the word!